Race Committee

Annika Ekman – IRO
Responsible for the races will be Annika Ekman. ISAF International Race Officer.
Board member of the Swedish Sailing Association.
Club: Göteborgs Kungliga Segelsällskap, GKSS.

Morgan Sundén – NRO
Together with Annika, Morgan will be responsible for the races.
Chairman of the National Swedish Race Committee.
Club: Ängelholm & Skäldervikens Segelsällskap, ÄSSS.

Hans Ramne – Race Office secretary
Partner of Sailing Bastad.
Responsible for the preparation of the European Championship.
Board member of the Swedish Sailing Association.
Club: Båstad Båt & Segelsällskap, BBSS.

Anders Larzon – Supervisor
Professional staff at Swedish Sailing Association and also our supervisor.


Tony O’Goreman, IJ, IRL, Chairman
Tony O’Gorman  sailed a Dragon for over 20 years (73-94).
In 1997 he was appointed an International Judge and Race Officer.
Over the years he has maintained his connection with the class updating the  documentation in relation to the Championship Regulations and the RRS.
He has chaired many European, Gold Cup and World Championship juries  for the IDA

Hans Olling, IJ, DEN
Dragon sailor since 1989.
Will be chairing the jury for this year’s Gold Cup in Kühlungsborn.

Christina Örtendahl, IJ, SWE
Tina was a member of the Umpire Team for the 32nd Americas Cup.
In 2009 she was a jury member for Volvo Ocean Race and also umpired the Import race both held in Stockholm.
In 2012 and 2013 member of the Int Jury in Båstad during European Championships in Star and Kona.

Göran Pettersson, SWE
Between 2004 – 2012, the president of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF).
Dragon Sailor.

Thomas Kresse, NOR

Johan Sjöstrand, Secretary, SWE
”Permanent Secretary” and Jury member in Båstad.


Annika Ekman – IRO


Morgan Sundén – NRO


Hans Ramne – RO secretary


Anders Larzon – Supervisor


Tony O’Goreman – IJ

Göran Pettersson

Göran Pettersson

Christina Örtendahl - IJ and Johan Sjöstrand - Secretary

Christina Örtendahl – IJ        Johan Sjöstrand – Secretary

hans olling

Hans Olling, IJ