First race day – frustration and delight

DSC_8477_01First day of racing of the Kona Europeans 2014. The local wind gods apparently had decided to play tricks with the sailors during the two morning races.
One god pulled the on/off-button, the other pulled the one for sudden and irregular wind shifts. And great number of the competitors had obviously not established a clear communication line with these divines, making the morning very demanding in the winds ranging from four to sixteen knots.

However, the one mastering these conditions was young Swedish RS:X-sailor Adam Holm. He registered two bullets after consistent and impressive sailing before Jonas Davidsson Vitell with a total of 6 points and Björn Holm also on 6 points.

During the afternoon a front moved in over the race area and the wind dropped considerably together with a 180 degrees change of direction. Before the wind had increased enough for racing everyone had had a great time waiting and chatting on the water. Finally everyone could line up eager to start racing in the new conditions with light but steady wind. Obviously quite a few were over-charged and the two first attempts both gave general recalls.

On the third attempt the fleet started off in a tight formation with a single sailor, 17 year old Andrea Holm, taking off as a speed bullet finishing first after impressive sailing. Second was brother Adam Holm reinforcing his position in the leader board with a net of 4 points.

In the overall, Anders Pers is second with 11 points and Jonas Davidsson is third with 13 points.


Tonight all sailors relax and enjoy the beautiful sunset in the bay of Båstad. The weather forecast for tomorrow looks promising with winds up to 20 knots.

To be continued…


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